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You're doing more than just building "another app". You're building a profitable business model. You're creating a valuable asset for your company. That requires the right strategy and in-depth consulting to ensure you're on the path to success. Design and Coding offers industry-leading mobile app development strategies as well as mobile app development consulting to dig deep into your app's concept, potential functionality and overall utility, ensuring that you truly do build a profitable business model.



Creating a high quality app that users love is challenging than you can think. Creating simple clone apps is easy. You can build that copy of a certain popular app dealing with birds or fruits but should you? Or should you go for a integration of social platforms? There are so many questions that need answers. Our app development and consulting team would steer you through it.

Our mobile app consulting services flesh out the answers to those three questions in several ways, all of which are vital components in creating not only a useful app, but one that appeals to your audience and actually helps build your bottom line. We conduct an in-depth analysis of your organization's goals and objectives, including the core problem you hope to solve with your app. We also brainstorm design and functionality for your app while considering your inputs and directions. We compare what's available, what other apps offer, and how you can solve your user needs and do so in a way that's different from other solutions available.The result is a successful app that offers outstanding utility, form and function, but solves your user problems in a unique way.

Our efforts don't stop with a polished, functional app, though. We take things many steps further. Parts of our mobile app development strategies involve determining how to market your app, how to build buzz before, during and after the launch, and what's required to maintain success and visibility in an increasingly crowded marketplace. This is not an area most business owners can navigate on their own, and requires considerable skill and expertise in developing marketing strategies that leverage best-of-breed methods.


User Interface and User experience are often confused to be one and same. They are obviously not, but there is a dependence relation between them. Our developers understand this intricate relation and know how to achieve the perfect UX. Call it a passion for perfection, when we design an app, we are totally into it. The unmatched skills and extensive experience back our developers in their endeavors and the outcome is nothing short of sheer brilliance.

A user can be turned on or disappointed only by the UI of your app. We ensure that the user interface of your mobile app does not become the reason of your users’ dismay. Our app designers are crazy about pixels and push them to areas totally unexplored, creating breathtaking design in the bargain.

A breathtaking UI culminates into a smooth and refreshing user experience. With a clutter of apps in the app stores, it is the UX provided by your app that really matters. A user will continue to use a mobile app only when he or she is able to derive maximum pleasure and utility from the app.

The design process we follow is innovative and interactive. We do not just see your app ideas as mere wireframes, instead, we try to visualize it and create prototypes that bring us closer to the actual design. We inject life to the app ideas by making their design intuitive in order to enhance the UX it offers.

Our app designers work relentlessly on your mobile app’s UI and make improvements till it meets the requirements laid down by you. The entire process comprises making prototypes and animations for the app and taking them further once they are approved. We love to include our clients during the design process, thus making the process highly collaborative and inclusive.


Perfect software has never been built, and that's perfectly alright. User preferences vary too widely and change too rapidly for software to simultaneously satisfy everyone. The one thing all users do expect, however, is a baseline level of reliability and performance. That's why you'll want a clear plan of action for maintaining a consistent user experience — regardless of what technical challenges you face behind the scenes.

We're committed to helping you get the most out of Android apps. With expertise ranging from implementation to change management, we're here to enhance your Android apps experience for long-term success.

App Support and Maintenance Overcomes Serious Hurdles We take pride in offering cutting edge, professional app maintenance solutions to keep your app up to date in compliance with any industry requirements and in line with what your customers or target audience expects. An app is only successful so long as it remains competitive and stable – it must offer the right mix of utility, functionality, productivity and reliability.

Without that ideal mix, your user base begins drifting away. For apps without ongoing maintenance, the only real option to recapture a departing user base is to release a new version of the app. That's time consuming and costly. We save you that hassle and ensure that your app is updated with new functionality, features and graphics as needed. Of course, our maintenance and management solutions encompass far more than this.



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